Monday 8 July 2013

wedding album

 This weekend I was busy working on a wedding album commission. I started off with a plain white mulberry paper album which I bought from ebay. They cost around £10-15 and come complete with a matching box.

 I decorated the album with doves and bunting which I cut from paper and then painted.

Added names and dates and little sequins. The doves are covered in sparkle modpodge.

Stuck some gilded ribbon around the edges of the box lid.

Glazed in Decoupatch glue to create a solid protective surface. I added a few quotes from old books which you can only see if you zoom in.

And had lots of fun decorating the lid!

Linking to Inspiration Avenue where the theme is Words. As you can see my little album is all about words and a little place to store treasures.

Also linking to Glue it Tuesday!!



  1. Stunning, I bet the couple concerned will adore it. I brought some sparkly modgepodge this morning and so was very interested to see what you did with it. Again amazingly stunning!

  2. this looks all so sweet... nicely done :)

  3. Wow, that album is so pretty, I really love it!
    Gabriele 13

  4. this is gorgeous. WOW!!!!!

  5. Beautiful work!.. Love the doves, doodles, and all the sparkle! ~tina

  6. It's beautiful, I'm sure they'll be thrilled!

  7. Thankyou for visiting me. I have just been browsing your paintings, your corncrake is lovely. I am very slowly trying to put together a family photo album for me and my brothers to share, I had been hugely stuck for inspiration so your wedding album post has been a great help - you have a beautiful piece of work here - I didn't know decoupage could be so luxurious and jewel like. Betty

  8. Your wedding album is gorgeous!! Such a perfect combination of pretty images and words. Love it! And an ideal entry to this week's IA theme of Way with Words.

    Kat :-)

  9. Beautifully done, and so much detail. A keepsake album like this is a good idea - I should really make the effort to make something similar, because my youngest granddaughter is getting married in just over 2 weeks. But I think her photographer mother has that side all tied up. Still it may spark an idea off for me.
    Here's good wishes to Tamar and Andy.

  10. very cute design, inside and out. I'm hoping that this is looking back to 2003, and not supposed to be 2013! {:-Deb

    1. You are right the 1 did look like a 0! I cut it from a magazine and it was a 1 inside a circle, at the last minute I thought it looked far too like a 0 so put a square around the 1 in red.. any clearer? well amyway problem was sorted :)

  11. What a beautiful wedding album! It will be a treasured keepsake I'm sure.

  12. wow, this is gorgeous, sweet and gorgeous. Fantastic work! It will be a beautiful and magnificent gift.


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