Saturday 6 September 2014

barefoot with the daisies

Back from my holiday and blog break. The weather has been good and bad, but some days warm enough to kick of my shoes and feel the warm grass underfoot!.

I have sketched a little.

And been out and about with my camera.

I also have been in the Scottish borders visiting my Daughter who has re-located there. This is not her new house by the way!
It is the beautiful Floors castle situated on the outskirts of the lovely border town of Kelso.

It is apparently the oldest inhabited castle in Scotland. The home of the Roxburghe family and built in 1721.

It has beautiful gardens too. Formal walled gardens and lovely woodland paths to explore.

The landscape of the Scottish borders is very different to the highland mountain scenery. Soft rolling hills and gentle flowing rivers.
The whole landscape is lush and green.

River Teviot
The whole border region is steeped in history and the fertile landscape peppered with castles, abbeys and historical monuments.In the past this particular area of Scotland was fiercely fought over by England and Scotland and these stand as a poignant reminder of the areas turbulent past.

The 12th century Kelso Abbey

Hope to spend the next few weeks catching up on painting and checking what my favourite bloggers have been up to.


  1. Welcome back Morag, I hope you had a lovely break. :) Your daughter's a long way away isn't she? It'll be a good excuse for you to visit the beautiful area there though won't it. The castle looks fantastic! Your photos are lovely.
    Jess x

  2. so glad you enjoyed your holiday. Love that you sketched your prettily painted toes in the grass. That castle is spectacular!! I adore all those old European castles, abbeys, monuments and churches. The borders looks like a really beautiful area of Scotland. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the picture of your feet in the daisies! Photos are wonderful

  4. love the sketch of your feet in the daisies, the blue painted toenails really make the sketch pop. That castle and grounds looks stunning! - I'll be putting that on my list of places to visit. x

  5. It looks like you had a great break, so many beautiful places, I love the freshness and green of it all, thanks for sharing! That daisy piece is lovely, it feels so summery and relaxed!

  6. Beautiful Photos. Barefoot with the Daisies, love the painting!

  7. absolutely loved seeing those photos... sure you will be inspired to do a lot of drawing and painting from those images over the coming months... great post!

  8. Welcome back Morag. Looks like you had a lovely break. Pop by my blog on Monday as I'm nominating you for a blog hop thingy if that's Ok? X

  9. Love the photos and your artwork... I thought those feet in the grass were mine...they look eerily exactly the same...yet I have purple on my tootsies!! Nice to see you back!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Wow, it is so beautiful out there! Bet you got lots and lots of inspiration to draw from in the next months! Love your nailpolish btw ;-)

  11. Gosh I can't imagine living where you do. That castle is amazing, I can't imagine seeing a castle that beautiful and that old! Here in the US one doesn't get to see such old amazing things. I'm on the West Coast, we are babies and to young to have wonderful old castles.

    Love your barefoot daisies! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Welcome back, and thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos - they make me want to travel in Scotland, and soon!

  13. I love that drawing with daisies and bare feet. Hahaaa--I'm a barefoot girl, too.

  14. Hi glad you are back and that you had a good time. You are so fortunate to visit your daughter and in such a beautiful place.


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