Thursday 2 April 2015

Finger painting and more wild sewing

Pinks and babies breath

I had a lovely surprise a few days ago when a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived Interflora!
I was apparently supposed to have received them some weeks ago when I was housebound with my foot fracture but there had been a mix up and the order had never gone through.

It doesn't matter that they are late, flowers are never late, as they are always appreciated!
I love that wispy Babies breath... the flowers name makes me smile.. ;)

As you know I have been 'wild sewing ' for weeks and fancied a little painting breather away from the sewing machine.

I started with a geli plate page, just because I am not fond of painting or drawing straight onto white,

I painted most of this with my fingers... I love finger painting.. not good for your nails, but very good for your soul...

And added a little line definition..

Flowers are a bit of a theme this week

... I did a little sketch book experimentation..using oil pastels on fabric, sewing into the coloured drawing with thread. Then adding small paper cloth fragments from my scrap box.

 Of course I also made  more 'Wild sewing' panels.

 Here is a little snaphot of this weeks bits and pieces.

Wild sewing
Wild sewing pieces are made from papercloth, machine embroidered and stretched over wooden panels

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  1. I am really enjoying your wild sewing series Morag. I love your little experimentation in your sketchbook too. My eyes lit up when I saw the words ;oil pastels' LOL!

  2. Such beautiful flowers! I hardly use a brush when I paint, fingers are great or I love paper towels too to get the large coloured areas done, such fun to use other things than paint brushes!
    Your "wild sewing" panels are favourites, I love the colours and beauty of each one!


  3. Fabulous... love this unique art!
    Happy PPF!

  4. What fun! I have never tried anything like your finger painting. silk painting yes, and the idea of sewing over the picture to make texture and form is lovely too. You have inspired me to experiment a little. The things you have made this week are really beautiful. Betty

  5. Nice painting and I love the mixed media fabric piece!

  6. Oh my I am in love with your finger beautiful! You are right flowers any time are a thrill!! Love the other mixed media too... just wonderful.

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I really do love your wild sewing series - will you have an exhibition of these as you must have a lot of them now? your finger painting is lovely - I've never really painted with my fingers at least not intentionally but I like the painter Iris Scott who only ever uses her fingers.

  8. that really is a cute name: Babies breath :-) Isn't it fun painting with your fingers!? Love that little experimentation in your sketchbook!

  9. Morag, your art is incredibly beautiful, feminine and inspiring! Beautiful work!

  10. Your vase of flowers is really lovely and I like the way you have made it, it gives a different effect from brush painting.
    Oil pastel on fabric - what a great idea, I often use both but so far not together, that's such pretty flower piece.

  11. Pk, Morag... you are having too much fun :) Look at the diversity of your art!! Lovely.

  12. Your finger painting is beautiful - I'd never have thought of doing that - I love the flower theme, really getting in the mood for warmer, sunnier weather! The wild sewing panels are delightful and remind me of holidays - I don't know why, perhaps because they have a happy, relaxed feel to them. I also love your rose - it's absolutely gorgeous and the little panels around it remind me of stained glass, which I love!


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