Sunday 24 April 2016

Beautiful Bernina

Let me introduce my new swiss companion...

Last week I took my digital Janome machine to be serviced. I'm pretty rough on my sewing machine and it was in need of a bit of attention. Well the shop had several used reconditioned machines, one being this wonderful Bernina. For the sewing savy Bernina machines are known as the Rolls-Royce of the sewing world. The best things to come out of Switzerland, Bernina and Toblerone!
I have aLWAYS wanted one but didn't think I could afford one, until now.
well maybe this one isn't new, but my goodness she is wonderful! I think I was meant to find her!

 Started with a bit of playing about to see what she could do. Thought I would make some Daffodils as I have photographed them recently.

 She is so quiet and sews so easily.

Then onto making some wee cottages on papercloth.

working on larger pieces of papercloth, creating texture..
Having fun seeing what is possible!


  1. Your new machine sounds lovely and the daffodils and Cottage work looks fantastic! My old machine I've had for at least 35 years has finally given up the ghost so I need to find another. It's such a great idea to buy a reconditioned one!
    Jess x

  2. I'm pleased to say I too am a proud owner of a reconditioned vintage Bernina. I must take it out and use it more often. After you have had a play it would be interesting to see if you prefer it to your mondern machine.

  3. Lovely. I have two Janome, a digital and a plain simple one which is the workhorse that gets used and abused. My local fabric store carries Bernina, might have to check them out when they have a huge sale. Marvelous work!!! Always can count on that from you. xox

  4. Oh wow! I'm sooo envious Morag, I've always hankered after a Bernina too. Yours does look wonderful, and by the looks of it, you will be working her socks off too! Do you still have your digital Janome? That's what I have, and I do find it a good hard working machine. However, a Bernina is still on my 'wish list'.

    1. Yes Cath I still have the does lots of fancy stuff although for free motion I really am so impressed with this one...and at 40 years old it is doing pretty well!

  5. Such wonderful creations Morag, such beautiful stitching work and those cottage series are always grand favourites of mine! I also love your beautiful vase of yellow flowers, fabulous art as always here!

  6. Ooh I have sewing machine envy - I've always wanted one too, but they've always been out of my price range - I never even thought of a reconditioned one, what a fab idea, although I might have to wait and put it on my list to Santa.! It's done a wonderful job on those beautiful daffodils - they are gorgeous and just right for this time of year. The little cottage is adorable and I love that stunning background, such delicious colours.
    Enjoy your new machine!

  7. Amazing. I admire people who can use sewing machine. Love this unique art.
    Happy PPF xx

  8. I know absolutely nothing about sewing machines but I can tell how excited you are to have this one!! Your daffs and cottage work look beautiful. Do you know, I decided I wanted a sewing machine, not for art, but because I thought I could learn to make hairbands and simple cushions etc and so Steve got me one (a cheap one that Lidl had on offer!!) and that was in December and I still haven't even tried it out yet!

  9. I have an Elna, but I have to say that I haven't used it as I don't do well with machinery (weird statement in relation to a sewing machine, but yeah, machinery doesn't do well with me either :D)

    So when I say I admire your work, it is not just the beauty of the piece, it is also the tackling of the machine that helped make it :D

    Lovely work. I should get mine out and try again...but I have so many non-whirring paint brushes here...

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Best wishes,
    Gumnut Inspired

  10. oh what gorgeous projects you have made!! I have heard of both these machines but have never tried using either. Sounds like you were meant to have your Bernina!

  11. Oh yes Bernina is a wonderful sewing machine! I myself am also a happy owner of one :-)
    Love your stitching, hope to see more soon!
    Happy PPF!!
    MiSchra ♥ #25 this week on PPF

  12. love your daffodils! Wishing you and Bernina many happy sewing adventures together x

  13. wow! you've been pretty busy, Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF; i had done a while now, stitch backgrounds which i used to background my haiku. If you visit my blog search stitchaiga you find them

    much love...

  14. How fun! And how creative you are!!! I adore your new Bernina and what you've done with it. I have had a Bernina for 30 years. It is still going strong. I love that machine. :D

  15. Great sewing, the Daffodils are so pretty and the collage is amazing. Enjoy the Bernina. Happy PP Friday!

  16. fab art as ever and that bernina was meant for you

  17. Morag, you are simply amazing in your ability to turn simple things into beautiful art. The daffodils are wonderful and so is the papercloth art. Congratulations on finding such a remarkable machine at a price you could pay. I'm sure you are in for many happy years of companionship with Bernina.

  18. wow, such amazing work,, I have always admired fabric art,, its such a beautiful medium,,

  19. Oh my she really is the little engine that could! I have never had much luck with sewing machines because they are machines and I have a tendency to break computers, phones and electric devices etc. Maybe the key is to buy a Bernina. My daughter is into sewing machines maybe one day she will show me the ropes!!

  20. Congratulations Morag - I'm excited for you! And you're certainly putting her to good use - your daffodils are utterly charming and your papercloth project is just stunning.

  21. Stunning work Morag... wow I have a singer I bought years ago reconditioned after my new machine of another name had given me nothing but trouble... it looks so similar to your bernina..that machine has been such a blessing...looks like yours will be too!! Sew on my make such beautiful things!!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. How fun Morag! I love what you are making with it! Have fun!

  23. Well, I hope we have a few more good things here in Switzerland than just Bernina sewing machines and Toblerone :) But I'm glad you enjoy your new Bernina. Your artwork is just amazing! I've always wanted a sewing machine to add stitches and fabrics to journal pages, and even bought some fabric in England for making bags once I got one. But I'm not sure I'll ever get a sewing machine. But if I do, it'll have to be a Bernina :)

  24. Of course Switzerland has many many good things to share!....but I do love toblerone ;) T


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