Monday 20 November 2017

birds and mosaics, mixed media adventures

Well my blog has been a little neglected for the past few months, so thought about time I shared a little of what I've been up to.

During the Summer Skyeworks Gallery had a charity exhibition and this was one of my pieces, made from collage, paint and paperclay. My little blackbird was voted one of the exhibition favourites and is now available as a card. a proportion of the card sales are to go to Scottish Autism.

Time and tide cards
My little blackbird was the first time I had mixed paperclay with collage, but I had made several other bird paperclay mosaics over the Summer.

And new for the festive season, little Robin Mosaics,


  1. Welcome back, you've been missed. Really like your new paper clay pieces.

  2. Welcome back you've been missed. I like your new paper clay pieces.

  3. Yay Morag, welcome back! I have missed you and your creative world!! These mosaics are so enchanting and inspiring...gorgeous works, so detailed and intricate, visually fantastic! I love your first piece too, blackbird, congrats...and what a wonderful cause! Thanks for sharing your creations again, it is good to see you here!

  4. Beautiful pieces Morag, and such jewel like colours!

  5. It was worth the wait! And I love those little birds Morag.

  6. How lovely to see you again Morag.
    Your mosaics are delightful and so textural. I can just imagine how popular that little Blackbird is... so too for the other pieces.

  7. All so beautiful Morag!! Hope you are doing well!! Seems like it!!

    Peace Giggles


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