Saturday 4 August 2012

Blackpool Tower

My newest addition

 At last modern technology has allowed me to post my Blackpool tower!! Ahh the happiness :). Created in the Highlands a long way from its home.


  1. love this Morag! And how strange to be doing this such a long way from home eh? x

  2. Yes, very strange to be working on this in the highlands, but i had begun it a while back and felt the fresh air might inspire me to get a move on and finish it, its now off to Aberdeen to remind someone of home. :)

  3. Beautiful! Great colours and texture. I really can't tell if this is a work on and with paper or real tile mosaic on cast plaster, concrete or something of that kind.

    1. Thanks Salla, wish I had remembered to take photos of work in progress, It's torn paper and gesso mainly, with some acrylic painting. I like to use handmade mulberry papers. I painted some shells on the surface as well and built them up with gesso. I'm so pleased you thought it looked like concrete because thats the look I wanted to get!


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