Monday 6 August 2012

The Ascent of Storr

The Ascent of storr

This mixed media work was completed in June 2012. 'The old man of Storr' dominates the landscape of north west Skye, the weather surrounding it seems to have it's own micro-climate, rain, sun,hail,sleet and fog often all at the same time!!. The sea mist comes in from the sea and often obscures the view.I wanted to create that 'four seasons in one day' and as the canvas developed decided to wash out some areas, adding more texture in layers. It uses many of my favourite mediums, Acrylic,Mulberry paper,foils ,gesso and angel hair (which I melted with my trusty heatgun) The raindrops are oversized, but then everything in the skye landscape is oversized, I like that.

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