Sunday 14 October 2012

The electronic postman

Fashionista sketching.

My daughter asked if I could do a few sketches of her for her fashion blog Fashion how I came to live a penniless existence She is a second year fashion management student. Each week she is styling various outfits and writing about them. She loves a fashion blog called Fifi lapin which has little rabbits drawn dressed in high fashion....I suggested I could draw our rather dumpy pet cat in various outfits but this didn't impress her much so I decided to just do quick watercolour sketches of her in instead. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a fashion illustrator and once I received her emailed photographs to transfer into sketches began to feel a little panic stricken on how to approach the whole thing. Then yesterday I found a lovely little book in a charity shop entitled"Pictures in the post ,the illustrated letters of Sir Henry Thornhill to his grandchildren".

In 1914 Sir Henry Thornhill a soldier in the British Raj started sending pictures to his grandson Teddy. They started off quite simply drawn, but soon they became embellished with birds and all types of animals.

I love the idea of a simple sketch that means so much being sent on the back of a small postcard.... In these days of texting and email, postcards are a rare thing! So I made a postcard, photographed it and sent it along with some sketches. I think I will develop the idea some more and make the postcard the main attraction, after all everyone loves recieving a postcard!! even an electronic one.

The electronic postman



  1. hello, thankyou so much for your beautiful sketches, I cant wait to see how they will be developed! by the way I have changed my blog title from bankrupt to penniless, sounded better! I also love that book, what a find! xxx

  2. Nice idea - cuts out the post. Want to start an electronic postcard swap? I would like that. Let me know.
    The whole post is enjoyable, and I love the card. Sounds a wonderful book you found in the charity shop. Our charity shops only seem to sell 'blockbusters', gardening and cookery books.

    1. Love the idea of postcardswaps!! If you would like to e-mail me your e-postcard I would happily return the favour. :)


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