Monday 8 October 2012

Wedding Fever

The arrival of October brought wedding fever to my household leaving little time for painting or drawing..Firstly a big thank you to Hannah Sycamore who I commissioned to make this beautiful card. I met Hannah a few weeks ago, she makes beautiful special occasion cards as well as framed canvas mixed media creations, anyway both I and bride and groom were delighted with it.

   I agreed to do all the flowers for the wedding and after a bit of deliberation went for an autumnal theme, orange, deep red, golds and browns. Soon my hall began to fill up and resemble covent garden flower market!!

The table decorations were made from hollowed out pumpkins and ornamental squash, which have beautiful amber gold colours. The principle flowers for the bouquet's were Carthamus or safflower, a gorgeous little tufty orange thistle, Cosmos ( chocolate flowers) these beautiful little flowers are the colour of dark chocolate and even smell chocolatey!! Tanacetum, which is a  variety of wild tansy, Hypericum, anenome and Naomi deep red roses.

I incorporated pheasant feathers and leaves and berries to finish the autumnal theme.



  1. I have seen Hannah's work at the gallery at Burscough Wharf and was really struck by it. It was a large fabric piece, and I loved it. If I had any wall space, let alone a large enough space, I would have bought it.
    The flowers are beautiful, and so unusual in the autumn colours. Very appropriate for the season.

  2. they really were beautiful flowers mum, just going to warn you it may not be the last time you get asked to do them for a wedding but you have a long time off yet :p

  3. The card which Hannah made is beautiful! The flowers were really very beautiful Morag, just as good as any professional florist, I loved the feathers too, a great finish! x


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