Monday 17 September 2012

September rose

September Rose

These are some of my favourite colours....magenta, cerulean and ultramarine blue .... I combined watercolour and pastel, scratching through the pastel  in areas to add texture,this is a technique I use in a lot of my work and all mediums, ranging from acrylic to watercolour. Then I outlined some areas in pen and ink. The combination of watercolour and pastel gives a very intense colour which I like especially for flower painting.

Daisy vase

The Daisy Vase Piece uses the same scratch technique, drawing into the pastel to create the texture of the fabric. Daisies are fabulous flowers to paint as I love the way they are so structured. They have a strong simple form which works well when combined with still life elements.

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  1. The September rose is lovely and has that feeling of September, a wistfulness that the summer has gone.
    But the daisy really speaks to me. I love the abstract quality of the painting and its simplicity which add up to more than the sum of its parts.


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