Sunday 2 September 2012

The ministry of craft

vintage extravaganza

    Visit to Preston Guild vintage weekend

I had an interesting day out at the vintage celebrations in Preston. The ministry of craft area was lots of fun and I almost mastered the art of fingerknitting.... I am very proud of my knitted rose, knitting has never really been my thing however that may change!! The tent was a little dark but my rose probably looks its best in dim lighting so perhaps this was a ploy by its organisers

cutting and sticking

I also had a go at image transfer, although had to get over the emotional hurdle of cutting up books. (There is something very sad about an unwanted book) but I guess photomontage is a fitting end, I still found it a challenge to take scissors to the pages.!! The end product was a little red riding Hood bag, the image taken from an old and tired ladybird book which looked very familiar, perhaps I had it as a child.... either way the image found me and not the other way round , I can see the possibilities for further use of image transfer, although it does have limitations regarding reversal of image and text.



  1. I didn't realise the Preston Guild would be so varied, with such a 'wow' craft section. This looks really interesting -the collage on the bag really works. I agree, I find it so hard to cut up even the old books I bought at a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago, even though they only cost ten pence each.
    The reversal of text with the image transfer does, I think, add an extra dimension to an image. Glad you had a happy time.

  2. Thank you Jez...Both swirly and I had a lovely time at the guild celebrations, (Her knitted flower is far better than mine :) )


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