Saturday 22 September 2012

The love of old doorways

The Old Byre Door
There is something very enticing about an unopened door,  even if it goes somewhere rather uninteresting. Behind the old byre door is a broken lawnmower, however with a bit of imagination it could be another entrance to Narnia! I like old weather beaten doors with peeling paint and discoloured stonework, It appeals to my love of texture. I used watercolour, pen and ink and watercolour pencil.


Greek Doorway

I bought this Greek doorway picture a few years ago in the Peloponnese, unfortunately it was not signed so I don't know the artist, but it is painted on fabric which makes it very unusual. It is from an area of Greece called the Mani. It is probably the doorway to one of the many beautiful Mani Tower Houses many of which were left deserted but are now being bought and renovated by rich Athenians. It was a beautiful yet stark landscape, and the ruined villages added to the air of forgotten wilderness. Even now this picture reminds me of the smell of searing heat, chirping cicadas and hot dry dust between my toes!



  1. Yes, there is something so mysterious and appealing about doors - and windows. I'm always photographing them and promising myself I will get around to painting them, but ......
    The Old Byre Door is so delicate and such beautiful colours. And how lovely to see the word Byre used.

    1. Thank You...I had not thought but yes you're right 'byre' is a word like so many others which seems to have lost favour and function in todays world, which is a shame because I like it.. and will in future use it at every opportune moment:)

  2. Love the Old Byre Door painting - it feels like it could be a door to an undersea world as the blues and the flowing plant give it a watery type of a feel. I think I recognise that door tho, I may have snapped it myself ;o)


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