Saturday 23 February 2013

An Italian adventure

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Florence and Pisa.

I have always dreamt of going to Florence, I visited Venice a few years ago and made my mind up then that Florence was next on my must, must, must do list! I love Italian Renaissance paintings and the 'Uffizi' gallery in Florence has the greatest collection in the world. Including the beautiful 'Birth of venus' by Botticelli. Nothing really prepares you for seeing iconic images like this close up. As it was February the galleries and museums were very quiet..

The weather was cold but clear and bright....
The Americano coffee was great ( can't do espresso, sorry :) )
The cakes were yummy!!
 The views were breathtaking along the river Arno..
 And also looking down into the valley from the Pitti palace gardens...
And everywhere, sculpture......from the famous....
Michaelangelo's David
 To the not so famous..
Beautiful cathedrals....

Fabulous churches....

(me doing a little shopping :) )

Dark atmospheric streets...

And the most wondrous architecture ...
around every corner...             
 This trip has fuelled my appetite to see more of this beautiful country...
I took zillions of photos of sculptures, patterns, ironwork railings, fabrics.... loads of ideas for loads of projects, just not enough hours in the day......


  1. Great photos Morag! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I shall look forward to seeing a Florence inspired collage on your blog soon! x

    1. Thanks, I've got my sketchbook out now. :)

  2. Morag, this is such a sumptuous wealth of images to see. It seems that every corner you turned led you to another lovely image.
    Florence is a city I would love to have visited, but never managed, and though it is not possible now (really not), your virtual tour has filled me with light and beauty and colour. So thank you, and I look forward to all the lovely artwork to come.

    1. Thanks Jez, I'm sure you would have loved it there with your love of sculpture. The Academia had some really interesting marbles and a room full of the plaster casts artists used to create them, facinating stuff!

  3. Oh I enjoyed it so much to come with you on a virtual trip to Florence! I very much like the very breathtaking sculpture you call the chocolate cakes :) So yummy!

  4. Thanks Stefanie , You are quite correct the cakes were very sculptural lol :) When we arrived just round the corner from the hotel a chocolate market had set up for the weekend. A whole market of chocolate!!! Heaven :)

  5. Awesome photos Morag! Now that I've seen the original view from Uffizi photo...I love your rendition even more!

    1. Thanks Annie, it was a beautiful place :)


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