Saturday 9 February 2013

Lady Nancy

It was my birthday recently and swirlygirl made me a beautiful canvas....

Lady Nancy is gorgeous.... :)
I also received this gift... A fabulous cat balloon.....

How cool is he? However his presence in the household is not appreciated by all......

There is a bit of a standoff situation at the moment, Ill keep you posted. :)

Banoffee pie :)


  1. Happy belated birthday. I love Lady Nancy. What a beautiful rabbit! I'm literally LOL over the standoff with the two 'cats'. I can only imagine how our cat would react to such a balloon. And how cool is it that they make cat shaped balloons! So fun.

  2. Thank you Linda, I didn't know that you could buy cat ballons either, it is so clever because it stands on little paper legs and when a draught comes past it wobbles, this scares the real cat who seems to have lost the territorial battle to a balloon. :)

  3. A bit late, but happy birthday. This is where life really starts to get better, fifties are great.
    Saw your lovely Nancy rabbit on swirly girl's blog, and thought what a lucky girl you are, it's so nice. Can't believe that balloon! Great cat, and so funny he and the real cat don't get along. Perhaps they make elephants and crocodiles too.

  4. Thanks Jez, crocodiles and elephants?:) I'm sure i'ts possible


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