Thursday 14 February 2019

Dear Deer and moonlit Machair


 I can't believe a week has gone past since my last post. It's been a busy week.

I spent a few days last weekend over on the Scottish mainland  in Appleross, a remote peninsular on the north west coast of Scotkand, its coastline overlooks Skye, infact I can see its Torridon mountains from my house on Skye.

The mountain pass to Applecross is one of the highest in the UK and is a spectacular drive, although in Winter it is often impassible. I took some great photos of the large numbers of red deer which make their way down to lower levels near the coast to escape the snow and find food.

This very elegant chap had been grazing amongst the bracken and had acquired a very natty antler decoration. He looked both surprised and embarrassed to see me pointing a camera at him!

The roads are slow going, especially when you have to negotiate your way round a few hairy obstacles!

I also took some photos of lots of lovely little houses and old outbuildings. If you know my work you'll know how much I like to add little houses to the horizon of my paintings. 

Workwise.....well I've finished a moonlight hare, which my  Facebook followers  suggested some fantastic names for. In the end I plumped for The moon and ghe Machair.

Machair is the Gaelic word for the coastal swathes of wildflowers which carpet the low lying coastal stretches of the outer hebrides in early Summer.

The textures are built up from layers if torn paper and acrylic paint.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. Super mixed-media pages. Love the clever textures you created.
    Happy PPF xx

  2. Strikingly beautiful!!!
    Happy PPF~

  3. I adore your use of color. This piece fills my eyes--which is the greatest compliment I can give. <3

  4. what lovely photos- and that first one of the deer in the bracken-brilliant! Your hare art is really beautiful with wonderful details. Happy PPF!

  5. So beautiful Morag - those photos of the magnificent deer and countryside are to be so admired.
    Such great inspiration for your art. Always love the texture.
    I'm enjoying following you on facebook too. Cheers now xx

  6. Thank you for the great photos! Your hare today is very wonderful with the interesting collage areas behind him, Love it!

  7. I enjoyed seeing your photos. The deer photo is fabulous. I love the way your hare background picks up the texture and feeling of the bracken and textures of the area in your photos. Well done.


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