Friday 22 February 2019

Doodling with woodcocks.


This week it really seems Spring is in the air, and it's really quite mild. That means my studio is warmer, and my fingerless painting gloves have been cast aside, at least for now. Over the past two months I've had a break from the Skyeworks gallery and have been concentrating on getting together new work for the forthcoming summer. 

My latest piece was inspired by a new winter visitor to my garden. A woodcock! This sweet little bird hides out in the trees and shrubs around my driveway during the day and then at dusk he emerges to hunt for food. 

A short, plump bird I also discovered through my American Instagram and Facebook followers he is known as a Timberdoodle. What a fantastic name, and a perfect description for him! 

Below is my driveway where he likes to hang about!

He's made of lots of layers of paper and paint.

I've also finished another poppy landscape.

#Lovemypet day on wednesday meant a certain someone had to get into the frame. I think she was telling me the picture could be improved with a cat in the foreground. That's my next challenge!

And finally the Summer season at Skyeworks gallery is starting to take shape. I started back in the gallery this week and my new work should start appearing in the there from early next week. 

Have a lovely week.


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  1. I am not around as much in blog land anymore Morag but when I saw you posted recently I am so happy to come by your way again. Your art is always breath taking, it speaks souls to me, gorgeous as ever and full of Scottish charm and magic!!


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