Wednesday 6 February 2019

If you go down to the woods.

Brrrhhhhh it's been a Chilly week. I was snowed in the house for a few days, which if you have a full freezer and nowhere pressing to go is no great hardship. In fact the snow brought the beautiful Roe deer which live around my house back down to my garden. Watching them from my studio window I thought, If that isn't inspiration, I don't know what is!

So with nowhere to go and plenty of time to experiment I began a new deer collage.

I used lots of lovely silvery Christmas gift wrap which I and my lovely friends had saved up. Making layers and layers building up colour.

The deer were then painted in acrylics, I love these new Windsor and Newton professional acrylics atm.

Finally finished, I think, although I haven't varnished it yet as I wasnt sure whether to add a bit of detail to the foreground, the more I leave it, the more happy I am with it. So it may well stay this way.

Finally, some snowy snowdrops, I just adore these delicate flowers. 

Spring isn't far away!


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  1. snowdrops haven't come up here yet, I think the odd weather is confusing them :p

    very nice mystical snow deer :)


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