Sunday 15 September 2013

29 Faces Day 15

Conte crayon pastel on paper

Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the
world through the eyes of a child....Ron Wild.

Today I thought I would concentrate on improving two things, my use of pastels and also drawing eyes.
I usually draw in a rather stylised way, and like most people who have been drawing all their lives developed my own little shortcuts to do things. I thought it would be a good discipline to sit down and concentrate on a more realistic eye.

I love pastels but usually use them wild abandon! It was a challenge to use them in a more controlled way.

I love conte crayons and find them easy to control.

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  1. It is fine to use artistic feelings when in the back is knowledge and skills to paint realistic way too. Sometimes it is good to take mind how to paint for instance the eye. After that it is somewhere there back when You paint artistic, expressive art. You don't need think it any more, it comes in artistic way to You paper.
    Have a nice sunday :-)

  2. You deserve a pat on the back...I think discipline in art is something that does not come easy. I did not know conte crayons came in so many colors. Now I am wondering what the difference is between conte crayons and soft pastels. I have both...but my conte crayons are only in four colors. I have so much to learn.

    I love Meadowsweet your earlier post. The colors and those tiny dainty flowers are so pretty.

  3. Hello again! I loved checking all your pieces for the 29 Faces. This would have been a great challenge for me to join, but I really didn't have the time right now. Meanwhile, I'll be back to look at the rest you do!

  4. What a good idea to focus on the eye for a face. After all we always look first at the eyes, and so often make a judgement from looking at the eyes. This is lovely, and the skin tones and shadows are perfect. You handle pastels so well.

  5. Lovely. Such a beautiful eye! I also find painting/drawing with something solid in my hand very pleasing =) Love my soft pastels.
    xx Monique

  6. Wow, that sure is realistic! Beautiful eye.

  7. NICE!!! I love to just draw and paint eyes.


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