Wednesday 25 September 2013

29 faces Day 25

Isadora is painted onto a pre collaged panel, she is named after her tragic namesake Isadora Duncan, a beautiful ballet dancer who had a passion for long flowing scarves. They were undoing as in 1927 she died after a long silk scarf she was wearing tangled in the rear wheels of her brand new sportscar. I remember my mother telling me the story as I climbed into a motorcycle sidecar attached to my brothers motorbike at the tender age of nineteen. Not sure that I removed the scarf, I probably should have but at that age teenagers always know best!

Linking to the final stages of the 29 face challenge!


  1. wow so much creativity in your paintings !! love !
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. Such a tragic story. Your painting is lovely, probably like she was.

  3. From when I was young I have had a horror of long floating scarves after reading about Isadora Duncan's death. Your golden-haired Isadora looks like a teenager too, and obviously is determined to wear her long scarves! I do like this painting, there is a feeling of speed and movement in it, and the wind blowing her hair and scarf about. Lovely background.
    Nearly there with the 29! It's been good to see everyone's work, and I have so much enjoyed yours.


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