Saturday 21 September 2013

29 faces Day 21

'twenty one'
No 21 is collaged onto a mosaic of tissue paper and gesso, then drawn in conte crayon. I can't think of a name for her although it seems wrong to call her by a number.

linking to the 29 face challenge


  1. Your collaged girl is so lovely, and her eyes are very intense and striking. The background is very interesting, and the little bird is a very pretty detail. I don't know why, but I feel she looks like an Irene. I like this one very much.

  2. I have been enjoying this lovely series, the best part of your posting them is arising the curiosity in your viewers each day to get to know enjoy the next face! Adding the bird there reflects her free spirit and joy, beautiful!

  3. This painting gets me to think: She sees what we don't see, I mean She sees more. She sees over and back this material life.
    Magical and interesting eyes, wonderful backround, again, lovely bird and much more.

  4. Gorgeous face, love the background as well, with the birds and the trees, very pretty.
    xx Monique

  5. gorgeous faces,love the eyes and the bird,very pretty colors to,the backround is wonderful as well.

    Greetings Jeannette


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