Tuesday 10 September 2013

29 faces Day ten


  Stella was given a little digital change as I wanted her to be swimming in a sea of stars.

Neocrayon and acrylic

Linking to 29 faces


  1. I have witnessed so many digital enhancements to so many 29 Faces ~ like *this* one ~ that I may break down and try some of that myself. This is fantastic!

  2. She does look to be among the stars...what a fun change. I love the painting you did of your daughter...it's beautiful and it looks like an old old painting which is so awesome!

  3. I'd like to swim with the stars, too.
    Amaising colors and so beautiful painting. Both!

    I found from Your side verdigrisrose-blog. It looks very interesting.

  4. oh so magical!!! Lovely lovely!!!!

  5. Yes I definitely agree! So very magical, I love all your faces, beautiful work!

  6. Love her, both versions of her. She looks wise and melancholy. You're creating an amazing variety of faces, especially considering that you're doing it daily!

  7. They both look great. I realy like the stars you added digitally.
    xx Monique


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