Monday, 16 September 2013

29 faces Day 16

David ( watercolour wash on pencil )

This face seems a little sinister, it is actually a study of the statue of David by Michelangelo. The original is in Florence. I saw it for real on my trip to Italy earlier in the year. I took loads of photographs of all things Italian and use them for inspiration.
I haven't done a mans face for the challenge yet so why not start with one of the most famous! 

It is strange that concentrating on just the eyes can create a very different image.

The original David
I took this photo before being told off by officials at the gallery as signs in Italian said no photography!
I'm not such a rebel these days so put my camera away and contented myself with photographing the copy outside the Ufizzi.

The copy outside the ufitzi
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  1. Lucky You! Italy's old culture is so wondelful. I have been there two times.

    This painting is very interesting. I like the eyes. They look to past. Fine around.

    (I have changed my profile the same as facebook that's why I have two profiles now, but the same person any way :-)

  2. Very cool and expressive drawing. I love the cropped-in image, focusing on those eyes … which I don't find so much sinister (though I can see what you're saying) as I do find intense. In any event, wonderful drawing!

  3. That's a good idea, extending the area of the face from just one eye to two eyes and the nose. Interesting to see a different face each day, but growing in area until you have a complete head. It's intriguing and makes me impatient to see tomorrow's section of face.
    I feel his eyes look a little worried rather than sinister. I think he's probably just seen Goliath and is wondering whether he's done the right thing!
    I saw a copy of the David in the V&A I think it was, many many years ago, and was astounded at the size. I had always thought it was life size. How wonderful to see it in the original. Very creatively done, and I do like the photograph with David captured in the archway in the distance.

  4. Yes at first the eyes were a little scary. But then the eyes on sculptures are too. Good work.

  5. Great portrait--I feel like I should have known it was David, since his furrowed brow is part of what differentiates that sculpture.

  6. Great expression!!! and how lucky were you to see the statue first hand. I would of snuck a photo too.

  7. Very intense! Wonderful and dramatic!!


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