Thursday 12 September 2013

29 faces Day twelve

Day twelve brings something different, a work in progress

It is a large canvas I completed at the end of August and is now on display at the Skyeworks Gallery on the Isle of Skye.
I thought it would be fun to post a few WIP posts into the 29 faces challenge so you can watch her progress, I'll post the finished work at the end of the challenge. I started after initially drawing out the design collaging with bookpapers and then a quick wash in acrylics of the rough shapes. I will later begin to collage over these purple shapes with hand printed papers.

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  1. I love seeing "process" so I hope we'll get to enjoy more images if this work in progress!

  2. This is very interesting! Good idea to show us this starting of the painting. I also have two large canvas going on and I can't get them ready yet, but I show them later. They need some thinking...

    You have great structure in this painting, I am sure it'll be very wonderful...

    Have a nice day, Uuna

  3. Great start. Love to see the end result.

  4. That looks very promising, can't wait to see the finished piece.
    xx Monique

  5. I love the long canvas and the way you have positioned the figure. At first glance the top picture reminded me of 'The angel of the North' I will look forward to seeing her finished:)

  6. It will be interesting to watch her grow and develop. I do like seeing the process of a creation, it's like having a mini tutorial. She looks very dreamy so far.


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