Friday 6 September 2013

29 faces day six

The 29 faces challenge continues, doing 29 faces in 29 days is certainly making me think about how to represent faces in a different way. I thought it time to try a bit of something different so
today a bit of an abstract work. Sillouette cut paper faces based on the florentine statue I posted yesterday. Used a bit of acrylic over the top of the collaged paper.

links to 29 faces

Just a little mention for my postcard giveaway last week,

the winner of the draw was Uuna!!

My little thistle card will be on its way to Finland ASAP

I will be doing another postcard draw in a couple of weeks for those who missed out this time.


  1. It is good to get klick bigger, so I can see all fine and extra strukture. This is wonderful idea. I like abstract art very much and this is near of it. I like colors, too, very much.


    And the card, ME, ME AGAIN, I have newer wan anything and now when I started to collect cards I win another time. It is breath taking, wow. I am so happy. Thank You Paper Rainbow! You are really rainbow, I found the treasure.

  2. Oh, I like this idea, so much that I want to steal it.


  3. As Uuna says, the faces show so much more of the texture. I always love simplicity, which seems to say so much more sometimes than a lot of detail, and this is a perfect example.
    For some reason the image makes me think of the sculptures of Brancusi. Lovely.
    And congratulations to Uuna - I like the way she has found the treasure at the end of your rainbow!

  4. Love the silhouette piece. It's quite striking! And congratulations to Uuna!

  5. Beautiful beautiful textures here! I like both this, and the one from yesterday a lot. They both have a lot of depth.

  6. I think this could have counted as two entries. Love the silhouettes.


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