Thursday 26 September 2013

29 Faces Day 26

 Today  as a continuation of the 29 face challege I thought i would do a little Gelli plate face printing. The challenge not only encourages those participating to develop their techinques of painting, drawing  and observation but also the experimentation with other mediums to create faces.

 I cut a stencil from paper and used it to create a print. Often people buy expensive stencils but as long as you just want to take a few prints paper works fine.

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  1. This print is a wonder - it is actually a monoprint, but but made using the the gelliplate, a very creative and inventive use of the medium. The effect is outstanding, your experiment has opened a new door. The two profiles look good against the patterned background.

  2. great idea of making a face with a gelli plate & a cool look!! i have to get out my plate and try that too.


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